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Folder 'Pioneer' not on USB drive

Hi there, I've just downloaded the latest version of Rekordbox (4.1.1). When I export my music + playlist to my USB drive (Corsair), and I look on my USB; then only the folder 'Contents' is showing up. The folder 'Pioneer' is still missing. What's wrong in this case?


- Yes, I have I formatted my USB (as explained in this vid from Pulse (https://youtu.be/QYp71yrnvNw)
- When I'm export my music + playlist to SD drive (SanDisk), is everything allright.

Strange! What to do?

Thanks a lot from the Netherlands.

 I think my answer is in this topic... But, I will check this first on CDJ2000's..

Tjitse Leemhuis Answered

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