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S9 problems.



I am having the same problems with my S9 as well.  Sometimes the songs play slow or they don't play properly. I randomly get static sounds.   It occurs every time I use the mixer.  No my mixer will not connect with serato at times.  

I pretty much have a 2300 dollar paper weight.  At least it's gold...

I called Pioneer 3 different times for help. The call service employees were not much help.  They didn't even know what a s9 mixer was.   They "could not" find the mixer in the system. 

It would be nice if Pioneer could help me out. I have over 10,000 dollars worth of pioneer equipment.  I would appreciate if I got some good customer service to help me with my problems. 

Lew Lew

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I returned mine 1 time and got a new one and still experienced the same issues as well as a buzzing sound. It fixes itself if I unplug the USB cable and plug back in so it is probably a firmware or software fix, if not it is a really bad engineering problem and either way if it is isn't fixed soon they are going to be seeing tons of lost revenue in the form of serious recalls. lost sales due to bad reviews and tons of returns and repair tickets.

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@Lew Lew > We'd like to help you out but in order to do so, we need to know a bit more...

- are you using vinyl noisemap to control Serato DJ? 
- if so, have you ensured proper grounding and checked that your cartridge and headshell are seated and wired correctly?
- are you connecting the mixer via USB hub or direct to the computer?
- have you tried using a different USB port or cable?
- are you using the latest firmware on the mixer?
- are you using the latest version of Serato DJ?
- what type of computer / operating system are you using?

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