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BUG: Midi code wrong Rekordbox Dj 4.1.1

The SequencerEraseMode and SequencerMuteMode midi codes must be the same as SamplerBank Up and SamplerBank Down commands...

Case: When adding the Erase and Mute to the list and mapping to any button Learn enabled, upon turning off Learn they instead are Bank Up and Bank Down.

Not until restarting rekordbox do they assume the new titles in the list but when you do you have 2 Up's and 2 Downs and no mute or erase in the list.


See Screenshots:


After Restarting Rekorbox DJ:

Please note the function doesn't change it always is Bank Up or Down for all 4 buttons, you only know why when you restart the program.


You really need to fix this.



Robbie Ennoia-Abstrkt Miller

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So i've discoved that it's more ridiculous whilst messing around just now with sample triggering and such to see what the limits actually are.


So I've deleted the extra controls for no conflict and I've noticed that when you have a sequence playing for some reason you have decided we can't access the bank change feature to trigger other samples that are loaded whilst the original ones are playing. The reason for this it seems is you actually only have 16 samples triggerable simultaneously 8 exist on the 1st deck and 8 exist on the 2nd deck and triggering pad 1 will be cut off by all sequenced pad 1 triggers, the audio just goes out where u set it to. Where this relates to the above BUG is that with a sequence playing my bank up and down buttons become mute and erase. Without they are indeed bank up and downs.


Someone needs to resolve this issue with an update asap!


Better still we need a Bug Reports forum that you actually check so we can provide helpful information like this that doesn't get lost in the masses of problems ppl have daily.



Robbie Ennoia-Abstrkt Miller 0 votes
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Thanks for pointing this out.  I've created a support ticket for this issue and will post any updates back here.

Mark Gallo 1 vote
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