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Cleaning up collection

Hi.. have two questions..

1 : i imported about 700 tracks to rekordbox when i first installed.. i have since made about ten different playlists which was a pain scrolling through all tracks and selecting each for there playlist .. they don't seem to be in any order.. can you change the order alphabetically ?

2: i have a usb with all my tracks and playlists etc... if i want to put q points on tracks that i already have analysed and add new playlist.. will i export everything to the usb after changes or are you supposed to just export changes.. as i tried to just export a new playlist but it deleted all my other tracks and corrupted the usb.. i had to delete the usb and format it again.. whats is the best method for exporting ??

Thanks... j

Jay Answered

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1.  Playlists can be arranged however you like.  To move a playlist, simply click on it and drag it to it's desired location and then drop it.  Tracks within your playlists can be sorted by almost every column.  Simply click the BPM column to sort by BPM, Artist column to sort by Artist, etc.


2.  Rekordbox should only export NEW and/or UPDATED information.

Mark Gallo
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