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Traktor + CDJ2000 Nexus + DJM2000

Hi there,

So my setup is : 2x CDJ2000 Nexus + DJM2000. I use CDJ`s in HID mode to control my Traktor on MAC OS.. The problem is that when i use the CDJ`s soundcards i can`t use the C/D deck and the "Preview" on different channels on the mixer.

My question is : If I link Traktor and the mixer via USB and choose to use the DJM`s soundcard, can I still use the CDJ`s in HID mod as a controllers?!? And if i can ... is it necessary to link and the CDJ`s and the DJM via ethernet cables ?

Thanks in advance !


Danny Slim Stefanov Answered

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Yes; the controllers are independent of the audio output. My recommendation is to use the CDJs as HID controllers and the DJM as your audio device.

You connect all 3 units via USB, no ethernet connection as those are only for linking with rekordbox or between players to share a USB device.

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