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Overwhelmed by Database and File management Issues!

I'm hitting a couple of crazy issue  and tried spending about 7 hours of my life so far trying to fix so I thought I had better reach out for help as I am sure this is not what Pioneer intends.

I have read multiple posts of related issues but things are still sticking, so here goes:

(Note, I have moved my itunes AND music library to an external drive)

1. When bridging my Rekordbox (on a MAC) seems to be reading a 'different file' to my iTunes. The playlist that turns up is different and even when I duplicate the locations, the actual playlists are different. I didn't notice that there were two different playlist formats "iTunes Library" and "iTunes Music Library" (s well as the itl files). I tried switching to either of the files but couldn't get them to duplicate, in some instances the playlist would just not appear. To make things works I ALSO have an xml ITunes Library file that still exists on my OS drive I tried this one and had some of the new playlists turn up - which is bizarre as I check in finder when it was last modified and it was a month ago - although to playlist was imported into iTunes today. Anyways, I would love to work this out but it is more than likely also related to my next issue.

2. When trying to move database (in preferences in Rekordbox) it doest respond, its like the button is disabled. My second drive is Mac OS extended format. I saw a post asking about the reformatting by 'pulse' so it is possible thrt I may have to back it all up - reformat and try it again?


Any help is super appreciated.




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