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Unexpected Application Error on Mac

I've just upgraded my hardware drive disc on my iMac. In particular with an SSD disc and i have kept the Macintosh HD as a storage disc.

There seems to be a problem with Rekordbox 4, when i try to boot the program from SSD it shows me an unexpected application error and shuts down the program showing me a .bmp file on the Macintosh HD.

I would prefer to open Rekordbox 4 from SSD without losing any acquired playlists. 

I would also like to stress that Rekordbox 4 is also stored at Macintosh HD and i can boot them from there, though I 'd prefer to boot Rekordbox 4 for SSD , which i 've just upgraded.

Thanks for taking the time reading this, i would much appreciate any help

Costis Lybe

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