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Sample manipulation in Traktor vs Rekordbox

Before I do the transition from Traktor to Rekordbox, I would like someone who has experience with Rekordbox to tell me how the sample/loops work.

So far, this is what I need from Rekordbox:
- Can I take a loop from a track that is playing and copy it to rekordbox's sampler? (I use this in traktor to free-up the track while extending the song into the mix)
- Can I EQ the High/Mid/Lows on a sample being looped? Is this EQ applicable for every every individual sample or all of them at once? (I use this to avoid mudiness when using multiple loops with a current playing track)
- Can I save a group of samples together and recall them like "remix deck sets" in Traktor?

With Traktor, there is a master loop that helps achieve those things above. I have the impression that Rekordbox is less elaborate in loop/sample control. Am I right?

Any other issues anyone can think of to tell me about looping/sampling in Rekordbox that is not the same as Traktor?

I want to make sure my workflow translates properly across pioneer's equipment. I like the fact I can just plug and play, besides the Rekordbox library management is soooo much better.


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