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Connecting RMX 1000 to an audio interface

hey there.. my dj set up is i use xdj RX as my mixer and currently i am just connecting my rx to my studio monitor.. i bought the rmx 1000 because i tried and like it when my friends bought one... i am thinking of using an audio interface and using my mac to record my set.. can i do that?

could you guys guide me to figuring what cable and a studio quality audio interface that is affordable?

thank you

Daniel Subroto

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You can get a great deal on a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.  I personally have the 4i4 and I enjoy it.  As far as cabling, be sure to get the highest quality cables you can afford.  In my experience, I've learned that cheap cables are cheap for a reason.  

When wiring your system, connect your XDJ-RX master output to the input of your RMX.  Then connect your RMX output to the input of your audio interface.  

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