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Link rekordbox and ableton live

Hi everyone!

I've been looking around and haven't found anything.. is it possible to link rekordbox dj and ableton live? It would be great, as you can do it in traktor for example.



Miquel Answered

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I'm not laughing at customers, I'm laughing at the content of a statement you made, not framed as your opinion, but more as a fact, when you don't know that to be the truth, nor speak on behalf of the company.

I'm not on the product development team so I don't know why they have chosen not to implement it yet, but if I had to speculate, I'd say because they had other priorities.

Pulse -2 votes
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@Pulse:Thanks for your replies on this post, I appreciate that someone from Pioneer is really active participating on this discussions, I am sure that you can influentiate the Developers with inputs from these discussions.

One lesson that I leanerd is that what really matters is "perception" of the others about us.

Does not matter if I say something but others have a different perception about me.The first thing that I have to do is to get and understand these perceptions and work to revert it, and this is not very easy task because it will demand a lot of energy.

Here we have exactly this scenario, because even if Pioneer say that is not creating a complete proprietary DJ ecosystem, our perpection is exactly in this direction.

This week more one product anounced support to Link technology goo.gl/qr5U3v, Soundswitch now support Link with other DJ softwares and also with Ableton, you can image which possibilities this will open for us as Rekordbox users if this be available.



sbherculano 0 votes
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I've got the same problem. I have a ddj-rb which is working with Rekordbox dj, and I like the soft, it has a lot of great features. but without link with Ableton, I can't use my other gear, in this situation i need to sell my controller and to buy Traktor controller. How can we as users help with adding this important feature?

Matt 1 vote
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I'm thinking I should cancel my DDJ-1000 order now... I thought moving from Traktor to Rekordbox would be a good move, but apparently with no MIDI clock or Ableton Link, it seems like I'm going to be reverting back to sound-to-light instead of a MIDI clock sync to my Chauvet Obey setup... Real shame since I was starting to get a bit fed up with Traktor, but I guess I'll just stick there for now. I thought Pinoeer DJ were supposed to be the industry leaders for this sort of thing.

Random Hajile 2 votes
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This question has been been raised for 2 years now.

We've been told again and again the support team don't have any contact with the development team. So this forum about product features and suggestion is rather pointless and irrelevant.

Ever since we've also been told the development team might have other priorities: they obviously do.

All of this tell length about the company's mentality.

This is strictly and definetly a marketing issue, not a technical one.

So yes, better stick to Traktor until Pioneer implements Ableton Link, and Rekordbox get proper Midi mapping.

Thomas 1 vote
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