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Feature Request - Drag track from player to Tag List

Is it possible to request the ability to drag a track from one of the decks back to the Tag List?

Sometimes i'll load a song from a playlist to the deck but then browse for something else and change my mind. I still want to play the track in the Player later but i'm unable to move it to the Tag List without searching for it again in my collection.

Serato currently supports this as I can drag and drop to and from the Prepare window / other crates.

Very impressed with the improvements in 4.2.0 the scrolling smoothness and speed in my browser seems to have been fixed.

Ian Laverick Answered

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Agreed, this is something I do regularly in Serato DJ, but for some reason I haven't tried it in rekordbox. I'll pass it along as a suggestion. Thanks for your feedback.

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I also think this would be a great addition to RekordboxDJ, you often get last second requests but still want to play the other track afterwards and to save re-searching again this would be great.

Jon Grant 1 vote
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