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Request for new features and improvemnts.

20 Memory cues or markers across the waveform every 4 or 8 bars.
This shoud be turned on or off at users discretion.

Move the memory record call and delete button
to the left hand side in export mode.

By holding down the shift key (or another button)
selecting multiple columns at once.

Memorising the column choices and widths then importing
them into another playlist.

Locking down a playlist and the order of the tracks
in a playlist with a password or confirm to
change/delete button. This avoids accidental erasures.

In performance mode, the ability to send the output out both
via the pc and or the controller. I have managed to do this
some how but this should be more easily done.

The ability to send the record output to a dedicated external
usb dac which may be of better quality.

Intergration with mixedin key and ability to change the key.
(Serato can do this). If Mixedin key wants payment then make
this a paid add on. I for one would pony up the extra cash.

Larger and more easily seen record vu meter when recording.

An easier method to move and copy the Pioneer database folder and the
sound files on the pc to a location of our choosing. Microsofts onedrive
for example so syncing between 2 machines is seamless.

Philip Whittingham

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