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Rekordbox transfer to USB problem.

Hi guys,

I seem to be having some issues and I can't pin point whether its Rekordbox or the XDJ-RX at fault.

I have 2 tracks, they have been imported into Rekordbox with the waveforms and beat grid all correct etc. If I load both of them into the 2 player option within rekordbox, and hit the SYNC option, they play perfectly in sync, no problem.

Next, I add them to playlists and export them to my USB.

Load the USB into the XDJ, load both tracks into a seperate channel of the controller, select one as master and sync the other, press play, they are NOT IN SYNC.

I cannot solve this problem. I have tried different USB pens, exactly the same issue.

One annoyance is, just now I added 18 tracks to my collection, alaysed etc, exported to USB. Due to this issue I have to test them all on the controller with a sync option on. 12 were not in sync with my tester track. (I have 350 tracks on USB and 335 of them can be played in any combination and the sync matches them up perfectly)

12 of these new tracks do not match up to the rest.

So I have to go through the painfully slow process of what I have previously detailed here:


I shouldnt have to do this.

Once they are exported I should be able to play any combination of tracks on the controller with sync on and they should be in sync.

Not having to test them all and go through that!!!

I do not know if It's a Rekordbox exporting to USB issue, or the XDJ not reading the info of the tracks correctly.

Martin Cape

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