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RBDJ with Rane MP2014/MP2015 mixers and SL2/SL3/SL4 interfaces (Part 2)

Hello - This post is in reference to this earlier thread that for some unknown reason I am no longer able to respond to because it reads "Post is closed for comments". >>> https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/210059966-RBDJ-with-Rane-MP2014-MP2015-mixers-and-SL2-SL3-SL4-interfaces

Jay from Pioneer, if you are reading this, thank you for your reply which addresses the comment in the third paragraph of my last post in that thread, however it doesn't address the very specific questions that were asked of you in the first two paragraphs. Here they are those questions again for reference. Please review and advise so that we can make hardware and software decisions on our end. Thank you.


"Other gear that is working now is not always an officially announced thing." – Does this mean that the MP2014, MP2015, SL2, SL3, SL4 are all currently supported by RBDJ, but just not announced? If so, why would this not be announced? If not supported, how is it that they are they all currently working with RBDJ? 

"Can I say it will always, no, it comes down to both companies and where they go in the future." – If these Rane models are currently supported (which they ARE working now), why would anything change in the future since the hardware is already produced? Are you saying Pioneer might change their RBDJ software in the future to NOT work with this hardware? If so, why would they do that? 



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