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quantize does not work?


I was for 7 years with Traktor and left these guys 2 years ago due to their strange new strategy. I went to Serato DJ....but here I had several issues I´m not getting happy with. Full nightmare to get a Numark NS7II to work reliable (not sure if this is to be blamed to Numark or Serato....just sucks) and a sync that is just developed against any real scenario. Original plan was to go for DDJ-SX2...but then I´ve seen the DDJ-RX and tested it. THAT is what I´ve missed. Well done Pioneer, best of both Serato and Traktor combined into one and added Pioneer typical stuff. Love it.

But now comes me issue/topic:

Quantize does just nothing. Under Win10, latest RB and with the DDJ-RX (latest firmware) it just has the following effect: NOTHING. If I try to make a 4 beat auto loop....it depends on my reaction. No chance in hell to get this on the beat if I´m a millisecond too early or too late. Does not matter if it is switched on or off, I´ve tested it a lot to see if there is a difference. Is not. Just does nothing. Same for CUE.

Is this a known problem and you guys are working on this or is there something that I do wrong? (found no additional settings and in my understanding, as well written in the manual it should work similar as in Traktor)



Sascha Held Answered

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We're aware of this issue and the rekordbox team is working to improve the quantize function. Thanks for your feedback and patience.

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