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Rekordbox Feature Requests

Hey guys I've got a small few requests I'd love to be considered for the next update.

01 iTunes Bridge only works with audio files not video files.  This is something that does work in Serato and I believe would encourage more people who use iTunes between DJ software to make the switch.

02 Add grid editing to PERFORMANCE mode so you can edit a track's grid on the fly without swapping to a mode which shuts off the music.

03 When editing video files in EXPORT mode allow the thumbnail of the Video to play through in the small window so you can see what you're doing.  - This is more as an alternative to allowing grid editing in PERFORMANCE mode but would be handy nonetheless.

Cheers so much for the potential consideration




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Hi Nic,

Isn't number 2 already available. Track playing on say Deck 1, click the 1 (as in the deck number) select grid, then you can nudge the grid left or right whilst the track is playing... That's what I do if I need to make an adjustment on the fly...


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Oh shiiit!  I stand corrected, awesome John thank you completely missed that feature wow :D

I stand by 01 and 03 though haha

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  • Show 2 decimal place BPM when using Horizontal View (currently in place in Vertical view)
  • Trim Loop 'in/out' points - when loops are not exact need to trim in/out points (am I missing something here as cannot find the obvious way to do this in RBDJ on the fly? Hitting the 'in'out button just restarts or moves the auto loop?).
  • Save resonance parameters when adjust color / CFX levels (resets each time and default is waaaaaaay too harsh)
  • Allow RBDJ to reference an additional external HDs to allow two DJs to play at once from different librarys (without having to import the external library tracks into RBDJ library)





Kvaldini 0 votes
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