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Loading playing track in collection view (opposite of loading to decks)

Hello RB users !

I'd like to know if there is a quick way (shortcut, 1clic operation, MIDI command) to display infos about a playing track in the collection view...

(It would be like loading a track to deck but in the opposite direction.)

My use case is the following.
I have track A playing...
I'm choosing my track B, going through several possibilities.
Maybe searching by keywords if I have a song or two in mind...
And it's not working so I need to go back to track A details and tags to find another "matching" criteria.

Right now, I'm stuck with :
- choice A : typing track A name in search
- choice B : scroll to current history

Is there a better way to do this ? :)

Thank you for your help !

Allan Kikker

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