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use iTunes library within Rekordbox

I don't know if this is even possible because it may be a whole overhaul of the entire program, but I would love if we would be able to use the iTunes library within Rekorbox, without having to individually import each song (like how Serato works).

When I am just jamming around at the house, it's a pain to have to import each song that I want to play

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Thanks for this.   I have this setting already checked in Rekordbox, but Rekordbox still requires the song to be fully imported into it before being able to be used.

Serato DJ just uses the song directly out of iTunes.  Rekordbox makes an additional copy (I believe), taking up additional hard drive space.


Like for instance I believe if I wanted to access my 100gb iTunes library within Rekordbox, I would need 200gb of HD space because it has to import each song before being able to play it.  I think Serato just plays it from its current HD location on the hard drive.

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