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RMX 1000 Help with Levels and Harsh effects

Hi All,


Just purchased an RMX 1000, once i got it out the box i really liked how it was design and the layout, its actually perfect as far as look and feels goes but im having a few issues im hoping you can help.


I bought this manly so I can try and dial down the effects or the harsh sound pioneer mixers like echo etc to certain frequencies. The clubs i play in still only have the 900 nexus usually so i thought i can buy this until the nexus 2 becomes a standard.

Problem 1 Setup

Im not sure how i can be getting this wrong but, i plug into the sends and returns on the 900, but i have to have the effect turned on and at 50%, 0% gives me no volume is this correct? I dont want thee to be massive differences in volume when i change over from the previous DJ so what levels am i supposed to have the RMX input output on so the volume doesn't change?


Problem 2 BMP Detection

I was surprised an expensive piece of kit like this doesnt link with the beatgrid of pioneers equipment, I never even thought to check before i bought it, imagined it would of been a given but my bad... Anyway I did a very quick test last night and it seems the BMP matched my song exactly but the echo was still out, is there a way to quantize the effects if i time it wrong in a live situation?

Problem 3

This is the most important part, harsh sounding effects, we all know pioneer love to make harsh effects it why many people choose them, but I can barley hear the track behind some of these, is there a way to turn the volume down on some of the effects like noise ect, or how does the wet / dry work if i just want to play a small amount of the effect compared to original song, I can see theres volume for the samples but dont understand how to do it with the effect



Thanks for any help


Scott Rotton

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