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Request - find audio files in USB Drive Root Folder ?

I might be the only Toraiz user to ask for this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put in a request.

One of the reasons I am so excited about the SP-16 is the stand-alone nature of it. I am trying to minimize the need for my MacAir as much as possible.

Part of my workflow is to capture my source material (mostly modular synth) on an iKey Plus, which allows me to save audio files to the root folder of a USB drive. This works great for me because I have other samplers that will read audio files stored in the root folder.

But the Toraiz requires that the samples be stored in the Toraiz Sampler folder in order to be found.

Is it possible to add an update that would allow the Toraiz to search the root folder for audio files, and grant the option to have them moved (or better yet, copied) into the Toraiz Sampler folder ?

This would make a happy SP-16 user even happier!!!!!!! Thanks!

Thomas Chang

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Thanks for your feedback Thomas, at this moment the SP-16 doesn't read from the Root folder. I will pass this request along to our production team. Im going to move this post to the Features and Request category.


Carmelo Figueroa
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