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can't figure this out...

I have 2 CDJ-2000 nexus' and a DJM-2000 (non nexus). I have a rMBP (El Capitan). I'm going to try to explain how i have all this hooked up... I am using Digital SPDIF for audio and Ethernet for link. So here's my current connections:

Left deck (2) is hooked up via ethernet to number 2 port on the DJM, Right Deck (3) is hooked up via ethernet to port 3 on the DJM. I also have the SPDIF cables corresponding similarly. On the DJM i have ethernet from Computer 1 port plugged into thunderbolt-ethernet adapter, and the USB out going into one of the USB ports on my rMBP.

When I open Rekordbox, i can link the two decks when i plug in a thumb drive and select USB on deck 2 and i can access the music on deck 3 when i select Link, but i have no options in Performance mode. I do see the Link option when I'm in Export mode. 

I do have an Apple Time Capsule to use as hub if i need it, but I'm not sure if 1) I need it (because I'm using a DJM 2000) 2) I'm not sure how to configure the time capsule to use it with my setup.

What am i doing wrong? I can't figure this out (and I'm a total newbie) So can some one explain how should i have this connected, or if i have to do anything specifically to use the CDJ's with Rekordbox. 

Also, every time I go to a club i see dj's using CDJ's with Serato. I can't get that working either. is there any info out there for complete newbs? like a step by step tutorial? Thank you and trust me I am so embarrassed that i can't figure this out 

Manuel Gonzalez

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