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Renaming filenames in rekordbox


it is possible to rename filenames (e.g. of captured samples) direct in rekordbox. At the moment I am using the Explorer, because I don't find this helpful feature in rekordbox. After the renaming i have to assign every captured file again in the collection (using the "missing files" feature, in german rekordbox called "fehlende Tracks verwalten")

Changing the trackname/filename direct in the Sampler tab (after capture it) would be a nice feature.

(I'm using rekordbox 4.2.2 on Windows 7 with the DDJ-RR)



By the way: When I used this workaround, I saw two small "bugs":

* The field filename (in the rekordbox collection) are not updated after reassign the files..

* In Performance view, in the Sampler Tab, the name of the Samples are not updated, if I changed the trackname in the collection.

Jochen Giese Answered

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No. Filenames can only be changed in your computer's file browser.

Mark Gallo
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This would be a great feature to add. Because with the new addition of apple Music or Beatport pro it makes it really hard to manage files individually. So having Rekordbox be the file manager interface would be ideal in my opinion. (ability to rename file with artist and song name) to batch move/organise track also...

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