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Ist Time Out with Rekordbox and all failed!! with XDJ RX

Well done my first gig last night with rekordbox for the 1st time with my new XDJ RX and what a nightmare... 

on running the controller and software at home for a week to get everything tweaked i had my doubts as had a couple of freeze ups which i never got from virtual dj. So seeing as i spent so much money thought i would go for it.

soon as i set everything up at the gig deck 2 was only showing PC on the controller display. so now thinking this is goig to be an issue as not seen that before. so could not get any bpm info ect on that deck.

so powering on and getting through it like you do. 

Then BANG!!!!! no headphones .....

this isnt good. 

Then BANG!!!! 


Music stutters and everything frozen..



thank pioneer 


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