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Rekordbox Related Tracks Improvements

Suggestion for related tracks window.

I'd like the related tracks window to search within a playlist (or within the collection) that I've already filtered.  EG - instead of just Collection/Current Playlist - perhaps add a new option called Current Window.

This would also mean I don't have to use the keyboard to access the settings and change it from playlist to collection when I want to search in the collection.

Would also like to see more data in the related tracks window - particularly rating but also genre, colour etc.


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Could "Release Date" also be added as one of the related track criterias?


DJ Bass V 1 vote
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You can allready search within a paticular playlist    I have an intelligent playlist with genres of trance and progressive house as criteria and the related window can list tracks from just within that intelligent playlist.


I have also asked for more columns within the related window    such as release date and  comments.   Since I use MIK and show mik keys in comments window I would like to see if mik agrees with rb.

Philip Whittingham 0 votes
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