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Uncontrolled Scrolling

The last two Nights I used rekordbox after updating it and somehow it scrolls through the library while playing. Two days ago I used it with two XDJ-700s in HID mode, a NI X1 and a DJM-900NXS as a Soundcard and yesterday with just two XDJ-1000s in HID mode and as Soundcards.

At first I thought switching MIDI channels would solve the problem but it didn't.

The scrolling is worse while scratching and pitching but it also occurs when I touched nothing.

It was pretty nerve wrecking because when it scrolled right before loading a track into the deck, I sometimes loaded the wrong track and I was pretty happy that I saw it everytime before playing it.

For me it looks like rekordbox is getting data from the XDJs and "thinks" it says "scrolling" but it doesn't, but thats just a theory.

I hope you can help me to get rid of that problem.

best regards


Timo Grzechowiak

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