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edit rekordbox DB??


I am trying to find out if there is a clever / much faster way to edit the colour of i.e the Hot Cues in rekordbox.

Here is the Scenario I'm in.

I worked my Library and added Memory Cue Points and Hot Cues to it. What I haven't done yet is to define a colour for i.e. the Hot Cues. Nearly each track got a Hot Cue for the start of the Kick drum. I called all of those Hot Cues 'Beats'. Now I want to assign a certain colour to all Hot Cues called 'Beats' - in my case I want to assign 'blue'.

Instead of flipping though all Tracks and update the colour one by one there should be a better way to do it.

Actually I can find the colour coding in the XML Export file but I think I cannot Import it after editing. Even I am not quite sure how to distinguish between Memory Cues and Hot Cues in the XML file.

Anyway if there would be a rekorbox supported function to make the Change for all in one go would be a massive time saving instead of updating thousands of tracks manually 1 by 1.


Frank Richter

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