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DDJ-SB2 Memory Cues and loops (question/Feature request) - Rekordbox

Hi anyone know how to change the memory cue with the controller in performance mode?. I mean select the memory/loop cue for start at some position or with some lop with the controller. I know I can press shift and move the jog wheel to move fast and go to the position and set the cue. But maybe a new mapping for some buttons that are not set can help.

For example (in case this feature not exist of course).

Shift + < > buttons for load the track on the desk. if shift is pressed on deck 1 and < is pressed  then one position back, if > one forware on deck 1. if shift on deck 2 is pressed , the same.

BTW: is posible to do a custom mapping? how?

Thanks in advance in any case



Lluis Garcia

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