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Please Help. No Sound From Speakers

Hey folks I need some help. I have been using Rekordbox for the last couple of years without issue. I do a lot of organizing of music on my Mac Mini. Anyways about a month ago I updated the Rekordbox software and as well I updated the IOS for my Mac. Since then when I load a track into the software and hit the play button I can only get sound (very faint) through the speakers on the Mac. I get regular playback and sound with other apps on my Mac (i.e. Itunes). I can also play back music online without issue. I am running a Xenyx 302 USB mixer with Mackie Monitors. I have gone to the Audio preference setting and have clicked on the available sound options (it only shows Built-in output and Rec Input) and the issue is still the same.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software several times. Any suggestions would be appreciated as this issue is getting frustrating. 


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