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Public beta version of rekordbox released on Nov. 15.

Dear valued rekordbox customers,

Public beta version of rekordbox [4.2.4 advanced5] has been released on Nov 15.

This is the fifth version of Public beta rekordbox with some bug fixes not only for rekordbox video users but also for EXPORT mode users.


Release notes (changes since v4.2.4):

Added new features and reduced CPU load of rekordbox video (paid feature).


・DDJ-SP1 can be used with another controller.

・Added pitch bend in MIDI learn.

・Delay Compensation.

・9 new TRANSITION FX              

・10 new TOUCH FX       

・Video mute feature when audio is not played.   

・MIDI LEARN for the video panel.           

・Keyboard shortcuts for the video panel.

・Updated audio driver for XDJ-RX / DDJ-RB / DDJ-RR (Windows). See the audio driver release note below.

  XDJ-RX audio driver Ver.1.200

    - Support PC master out.

    - Fixed an issue where the buffer size cannot be changed on 64 bit Windows.

    - Fixed an issue where no audio output from the XDJ-RX when playing tracks in iTunes on a connected computer.

   DDJ-RB/DDJ-RR USB Audio Driver Ver.1.200

    - Fixed an issue where ASIO buffer size could not be changed at the Setting Utility on the 64-bit version of Windows.


・Reduced CPU load when playing video files.


・Width of the tree view is changed when rekordbox quits while in the full screen mode.

・Release FX doesn't work when it is operated from a controller for the first time.

・Previews are not displayed when a video track list is displayed just after launching rekordbox.

・Specific video/audio files may cause crash on macOS Sierra.

・Fixed preview volume. Please adjust volume before using it.

・Tempo range is changed automatically when the Master is changed or turning sync off while syncing (changed when tempo slider is operated).

・On mac OS Sierra 10.12 some Japanese characters were not displayed in the Preferences.

・On DDJ-RZX waveform disappeared when the layout is changed to Browse while a track is being loaded to a deck.

・Sometimes audio stopped when the Spiral up or down was used.  

・Entering BPM values was not available when editing Grid in PERFORMANCE mode.

・The enlarged waveform was not shown on the monitor screen of CDJs and XDJs and the waveform was shown at the beginning of a track where no sound exists when using ONLINE EXPORT (Only on Mac and Win64bit)

・Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.


If you cannot play video files, please follow the steps below and send us the screenshots in a rekordbox inquiry form.


  1. Press [R] key while pressing [Windows logo] key on the keyboard.
  2. Enter ”dxdiag” and click [OK].
  3. Select "Display" tab.
  4. Take a screenshot and send to us.                           


  1. Click the Apple icon and choose [about this mac].
  2. The following window is displayed. Click the [System Report] button.
  3. Select "Graphics / Display".
  4. Take a screenshot and send to us.


If you have any questions, comments or issues, please send your honest feedback in the rekordbox forum.

Download links

Windows (64bit)
Windows (32bit)

English manual 
Japanese manual


Best regards,
CRM, Pioneer DJ



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