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Waveform zoom rate logic in Performance mode

Hi, I've installed the latest version of rekordbox DJ and I've read in the release notes that the team fixed some issues related to the waveform zoom in Preformance mode, but I'm still experimenting some problems that I'll try to explain.

I describe two different situations:

1) If I load in deck 1 and 2 (with both pitch controls at 0) two songs with different BPMs, the two zoom rates are different, being of course the lower BPM song's the bigger, and, when the songs are playing, the waveforms move at the same speed.

2) When I load in decks 1 and 2 two songs with the same BPM, i.e. 128 (with both pitch controls at 0), the zoom rate of the two waveforms is the same and they play at the same speed, as it is expected. If, for example, I increase the BPM of deck 1 with the pitch control to 135, the corresponding waveform moves faster than the one of deck 2, maintaining the same zoom rate.

So, my logical conclusion is that the zoom rate of a waveform depends on the native song's BPM and that moving the pitch makes visually the waveform go faster or slower, without changing its zoom rate. This is opposite to Serato logic, were the pitch control stretches the waveform, and makes visual beat matching more difficult tha in Serato but ok, I can accept that.

The strange thing is that if, in situation 2), I reset the waveform zoom or I zoom in and out again, the waveform 1 zoom rate changes and the two waveforms move at the same speed, as if in deck 1 there were a 135 BPM song at 0 pitch.

Is this a bug? I really cannot understand the logic.


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