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DDJ-RB Recording Skipping

I just got a DDJ-RB after selling my DDJ-SB2. Learned the lay of the land in Rekordbox and started mixing. I did notice that every now and then I would get a delay as if my computer was not responding on time. For example, I would set a hot cue and the pad would not light up until 3 seconds after. And sometimes when I load a track, there is a slight delay before the waveform displays. This does not affect the audio out to my speakers. These aren't bothersome. However, when I played back my first recording, it skipped almost every 5 seconds. It sounded like the track was fast-forwarding a small amount at regular intervals. As mentioned earlier, it sounds fine through the speakers. I am running the software on a Windows 10 machine with an Intel i5 processor and 4G RAM. I never experienced this issue in Serato. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

George Barrett

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