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[Solved] VDJ install freeze


First I apologize if my post is not in correct branch (this is my first post). I bought a new laptop and I tried to install VDJ LE (which I got with my WEGO). I do not have a cd player installed in my new computer so I downloaded the installation from VDJ web site using the key written on my controller. I started the installation and it just froze. nothing happens. Tried google and failed to find a post about it. I have an open ticket for support at VDJ web site but no one seems to get to it.
I hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance,
Yoash Izhack 



Yoash Izhack

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After investigating further I found the solution and I'm responding for those who might encounter the same issue. 
As I mentioned my laptop is brand new thus the operating system was installed before it was boxed and shipped to the store. Meanwhile, A lot of updates to the operating system were published and were not install on my laptop. when buying a new laptop that runs windows I suggest that the first action you take is to install all windows updates.

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