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DDJ-RZX Troubles

I purchased a new DDJ-RZX and I am having troubles. I am not new to Pioneer and I own CDJ-2000 Nexus & DJM 900 nexus. After plugging in my laptop with rekordbox how do I view my rekordbox playlists & tracks on the DDJ-RZX? I don't want to have to keep looking over at the laptop. Also, struggling with the FX layout and such. I have read through the whole manual...twice. Is there video tutorials  somewhere? Can I learn how to use all the features of the DDJ-RZX somewhere online?

Jim Slaton

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Hi guys!
Purchased a DDJ-RZX and I'm having trouble with Fx and CFX (effect).
Also on the right side on the deck when I press play the song start with delay and is not any effect on the deck,anyone else has the same problem?

Would somebody expert explain if is a defect of the console or need to be update? I all ready update with the last firmware! Cheers

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