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Problems looping and slicing Pulselocker tracks.

Over the last few months i've come across an issue that seems only to affect pulselocker tracks and its really starting to get annoying.
If you enter a loop on a pulselocker track, it sometimes (not always) goes into a very tight loop and crashes Rekordbox. I've tried to pin down what causes it exactly but thats as close as i've come. it doesn't matter if i do this on either my laptop, a fresh install of the os and rekordbox on same laptop or on the desktop pc it still happens. Also it doesn't matter if the track is streamed or downloaded (offline track in pro account) but it doesn't happen with a normal mp3 or wav. I'm starting to panic a little now because i've got my first gig at the end of next month and i'm not playing my normal style of music, so pulselocker has been a saviour for finding and using tracks that i wouldn't normally play.

Stuart Barrowcliff

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