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Why does Rekordbox switch to default device?

Ok, so I noticed an oddity today. Plugged in the DDJ-RX, switched on Rekordbox DJ, all loads fine. Switched audio output to the ddj-rx output (was set to PC out), start playing just fine.

Part way thru, I heard a computer sound on the DDJ-RX output, so I thought, "Hmm weird." Went into Windows playback devices and sure enough DDJ-RX was set as primary device. Weird. So I switched it back to the normal soundcard and "pop"! Sound stopped in Rekordbox and started routing out to the PC speakers again.

Am I to understand correctly that the Rekordbox DJ/DDJ-RX ASIO drivers are only useable if it's set as default audio device? This seems insane. Why does Rekordbox not use the ASIO directly instead of routing thru windows default device??

Mikey Malone

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