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Rekordbox Delete File REQUEST

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to add a delete actual file in the delete options, like in iTunes (see image)



Sam Answered

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Thank you for your input.  I will pass this along to our product planning team for consideration. 

Mark Gallo
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Come on guys this is a simple must have feature, it doesn't need consideration it needed implementing from day one. 

I recently switched from Serato who have had this for years (cmd+shift+del is the shortcut if I remember) 

Not having this feature in RB makes for time consuming and painful workflow!

I import all my new music into RB and listen to it then I want to remove the stuff I don't want from my collection and the HDD. At present I have to find some way of tagging the tracks I don't want (the star rating system I thought we be a good one but no as it only writes to the RB database) and then locating them on the HDD to remove them which is an absurd way to have to do it. 


Colesy 0 votes
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Hi Team,

please let Recordbox playlist and collection be able to request if the file should also be deleted when removing a song from playlist or collection. It is a big time loss if this feature is not avialable. A user with recordbox is actually forced to care for the collection and for the filesystem. And after I have give Recordbox a try. I have see for the first time that my filesystem and my collection is not syncronised anymore.

JOsha 0 votes
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