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TORAIZ SP-16 no sync with DJM2000NX

Pioneer Toraiz sp 16 with prolink sync can't even sync it to my pioneer djm2000nx setup . using my djm2000nx as my master clock. 

Toraiz only option is to sync with player 1 to 4 and there is no option to select auto. 

so if you have a file playing on deck 2 , you need to choose 2 on the toraiz and if you change to deck 3 now .  you have to go back into toraiz and change to 3 to sync. it does not detect which player is playing at what bpm . no Auto and no DJM2000NX master clock support. 

with this software bugs , this unit should be $300 not 1500

what is your solution Pioneer



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