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Memory Cue Pioneer DDJ-RZ

it would be very helpful if there would be mapped buttons within the Pioneer DDJ-RZ for setting up memory cues. I could suggest the key combination shift+double tap hotcue, opening the utilisation of the performance pads as well. Also another feature that would greatly enhance the experience using the Pioneer DDJ-RZ or any pioneer product that this may apply is to add these functions:

  • using tag names or the ability to assign names for colours in the hot cues and memo cues. E.g. Buildup-red, breakdown-blue etc.
  • Include the hot cue mode or the memory cue mode in the area button cycle which ever is active (hot cue or memory cue.
  • holding shift and tapping an already assigned performance pad will cycle through the different colours with either default names/tag names assigned to the desired colour or user assigned colour tag/name. Default colour tag names could be the name of the colour itself e.g. Red, blue, yellow etc.

these are very subtle changes but they are great additions to a workflow.

i understand that I am waiving my right for any form of compensation or reward should these functions be added to any of the Pioneer products. I wouldn't decline if there's any gratuity either. The latter was a joke. But if you need a cheap product innovator I'm currently available ;).


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