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TORAIZ: Sample kits and sample slots / sets

It would be so useful to be able to save a set of 16 pads with their loaded samples to a kit. Then, we could reload useful sample combinations at any time.


Copying patterns across scenes does not unfortunately bring samples with it, so a kit would be a very useful way to manage your fav sample combinations across projects / scenes.


This leads on to: Imagine being able to load a kit on the fly and change samples on the fly - this could lead to very interesting and creative ideas.


Finally, being able to parameter lock sample choice to a trig would be manna from heaven.


DO IT PIONEER - make the Toraiz the BEST sampler on the market.


P.S. Increasing the 32 second limit would be more manna from heaven, so much, there would be no more manna left in heaven.

Simon Fine

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