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PLX-1000 pitch issue

Basically, the tempo range seems to be locked at 50% and pressing the tempo button does not change the pitch range like it should, instead, the blue 50% light stays permanently lit.

I've called a number of authorised and general repair dealers and none of them have heard of the fault. The only person I have found with the same fault was some dude on Reddit who experienced the same fault a few days ago.

Being a poor student I am holding of blowing £150+ on a new main PCB assy for the time being. 

Has anyone else seen/experienced/fixed this fault? Purchasing a whole new PCB can't be the only fix... right? 




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Supposedly bought new in January/December. I am the second owner...

I've reached for support but I don't think I'm valid for warranty but am not aware of the process for used gear.

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