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Backed up iTunes, now have doubles of tracks in Rekordbox / directory question


  As part of a migration from my old Windows 7 machine to a Windows 10 unit, I backed up my iTunes library and made copies of the music files in the iTunes Media folder.

  When I opened up Rekordbox, to copy the database, I noticed now my collection was populated with doubles of all my tracks; one from my windows folder structure and one from my newly created iTunes Media folder. 

1. Is there a way to remove the new copies in Rekordbox besides highlighting each track and using right click - remove from collection? Is there a mass select like iTunes has using the CTRL key? I already added the "location" column to my Rekordbox collection, so at least the newly added tracks can be grouped easily. 

2. I'd like to use an iTunes based directory on my new machine, rather than a folder based directory, mainly so BeaTunes can analyze my AIFF files. (BeaTunes cannot analyze AIFF files if the iTunes directory is windows folder based). Is there a way for my cue points to migrate in this situation? Would it require individually relocating each track in Rekordbox? 





Rolf Kirby

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