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RB >> 4.12 >> 1.100 driver >> installation problem


I use the DDJ-RX with Firmware (beta) 1.04 und RB 4.12

Have to use 4.12, about my Laptop Grafic don`t match with the 4.24 Version.

So I Install the 1.100 DDJ-RX Driver but if I start RB he tell me that`s no driver installed and want install the 1.000 driver from the RB Driver Libary. OK, it is not the best way, but I tell RB to install the 1.000 Version. Now there comes a failure >> 1.100 driver is runing, can`t install the 1.000 driver. That is the same way, everytime I started record Box. In the moment I can`t use the RX.

Hope for help.


Roland S. Adam

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