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External Mixer Mode with XDJ/Rekordbox


I'm trying to connect my XDJ-700 to Rekordbox on my MacBook Pro to be able to select and play tracks that are on my laptop via the XDJ whilst using an external mixer to route the sound. I previously had this working a few weeks ago but I've tried to set it up again tonight having disconnected the laptop and it's not working.

When I set the Audio Output as XDJ-700 I can get the audio to play from the laptop through the XDJ-700 and out to the mixer if I use the LINK mode on the XDJ, but this doesn't allow me to control Rekordbox via the XDJ as I was previously able to. 

I've tried googling a few things and from screenshots of Rekordbox I can see there's normally a Mixer Mode section in the Audio section of the Preferences but when I go to my preferences I'm not seeing the Mixer Mode section and so can't change this to External, which I'm thinking might be the cause of the problem here. Is there a reason why the Mixer Mode section wouldn't be showing up?

I'm also not sure if I hould I be using the LINK or the Rekordbox mode on the XDJ? If I put the XDJ onto Rekordbox mode the nothing seems to happen?

Thanks in advance.


Mark Newman

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