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TORAIZ - Note Length

Is there a way to edit note length on the toraiz sequnecer? If not I'd like to request said feature. 

Currently if I have a track with a gate trigger mode and I punch it in in the sequencer (kick drum with long bass tone trailing), the sequencer will play the whole track/sample when I just want the attack. (could be a bug?). I can hit record and record just the attack of the kick but I'd like to attenuate the length of random notes. Seems like currently note length is determined by the beginning of the following note, is that the case?


Orión García

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hello Orion,

If you only want the Attack part of your sample to trigger you can use the AMP ENVELOPE parameters to dial in on the attack part of your sample. Try using the HOLD and RELEASE parameters to get the part of the sample you want. If you want to get different lengths of the sample in your sequence then I would just record the trigger live. 

Hope this information is useful.



Dj Creme
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