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2 minor interface annoyances

I use the sub browser window which is under view. 

One is on my playlist and the other on the full collection. I would like it that i can immediately drop tracks in the correct position on my playlist screen. Currently it is as follows: drag a track from collection to playlist it gets added on the bottom.Next scroll down in your playlist to get it and drag it where you want.

I would like to be able to immediately drop it in the correct position instead of it getting added to the bottom.

An other thing: the interface is no longer responding when a warning pops up after syncing to an usb stick. You first have to OK the warning before you can do anything with the interface again. When this warning pops up on a different screen it's very confusing. Please make warnings like this not blocking on controlling the interface.


- rekordbox 4.2.4

rik broers

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