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rekordbox USB Sticks question

Ok I was traveling the last two weeks and played at 3 venues. All had CDJ 2000's. I brought with me some USB sticks that were compiled using Rekordbox. it had my tracks  cue and memory points for each track on it. However when I loaded the sticks into each of the CDJ 2000's at the venues I saw most of my cue points did not show up as well as memory points. When I used the loop feature all the loops were off. I had to improvise and got thru it but I need to know why this happened? Did I miss a message which lets me know if I should save the perameters on the sticks rather than the ones on the deck? I would think it has something to do with this. Anybody???

Ralphie Dee

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Ok after some more research I see that if I add cue point memory loops on my Rekordbox desktop then take those tracks and export to a usb stick I should be able to plug that stick in any CDJ 2000 3000 and the loops and memory cues will be there and work EXACTLY like they did when I copied to the stick correct? 

I would think that Quantize has to be turned on th CDJs I'm playing on?

Also , I would think that when I put my sticks in I see the message about "my settings data was found push the button to load" 


ANY ONE???????

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