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CDJ2000nexus - Setup Idea

I have just moved onto the 2000 nexus (1's) not NXS2, and I wondering if someone could shed any light on this.

I wanted to use my iPad with Rekordbox IOS (great app when used on iPad, i think) with 2 x 2000nexus and a 900nexus mixer. My setup thinking was the following:

IPad connected to CDJ 1 with Camera adaptor and USB-A cable.


CDJ 1 linked to CDJ 2 with Network cable and both players could use read the iPad with rekordbox IOS. 

But i can't get the CDJ to pick the iPad up when connected through USB-A and you have to use the camera adaptor with Lan adaptor then to a network switch and then connect all of them together through the switch?

I have followed the setup guide in the rekordbox IOS app which says there are 3 ways to connect it but I just cant get the first one to work. I am not too fussed about using the network features of the DJM, just connecting the 2 CDJ's to play from the iPad.

If anyone could help, this would be really appreciated as I know it may be something I have missed or I am doing incorrectly.



Stevie Tee

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