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New interloud making

 am now buying a RB-dmx1 device. I would use it with the Rekordbox program. I have searched for many videos, but I could not find what I want to ask. I would use the program for a wedding. I don't want anything else for every music. I would make 1 maximum of 3 interludes, which if I start in perfonmance mode, all my lights will be controlled. First, in the fixture library section, do I put my lights in line for venue 1? Eg: 1-12 ch Spider lamp, 13-24 moving robot lamp, 25-36 led par lamp, etc... If this is above, should I change the lamps in macro mapping in interlood 1? What did I ask? Do I delete the rest that is above as a basis? And do I select the tempo and then edit the lights one by one? Here comes the question, is the spider lamp effect 1 or moving head?

Kopp Norbert

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