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Opus Quad auto loop problem

Hi there

can any experts in Rekordbox and/or Opus Quad help me as i'm having trouble getting auto loops working on the Opus Quad, even when they work fine in performance mode on Rekordbox (on my Mac)

can anyone let me know what i'm doing wrong, or perhaps, what the Opus Quad is doing wrong?

here's a brief explanation :

On rekordbox I have my playlist full of tracks.
I have set up cue points and loops for a track - and have tried to do this for all of the tracks.
The cue points, and loops work fine within rekordbox (in performance mode, played locally on the Mac).
I have set one loop on each track to be an auto loop, ie, its marked with the red loop icon.
If I play the track back within rekordbox, it will loop automatically once that point in the track is reached, as i expect.
Now, my problem is that i'm not seeing the same behaviour on the Opus Quad.  it seems to ignore the Auto Loops (but they work if manually triggered)
When I use the usb stick in the Opus Quad, I am able to play all of the tracks, and all of the cues work fine...
However, the auto loop that I set up in a cue list, will only work if triggered manually, and will not automatically start when that point in the track is reached.
ie: What im seeing on the Opus Quad is different behaviour to what Rekordbox is exhibiting.
Im using the latest firmware update of 1.10 on the Opus Quad and latest Rekordbox (6.7.5 on the Mac)

and for completeness, here's two videos of me demonstrating the problem.

part 1, showing that on Rekordbox the auto loops work fine.


part 2, showing that i cant get auto loops working on the Opus Quad using the same tracks from part 1.



Jez San

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for the Opus or other all in ones the active loop should be set on the memory cue banks, not the hot cue banks


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