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Rekordbox slow and laggy

For almost the past few years my rekordbox 6 has been super slow and laggy, I thought it was my laptop (even though it was very fast and was working great with anything else).

A few months ago I got a brand-new MBP Pro M1 top specs, but still the same, it takes like 1min to launch, a few seconds to open the folders or switch playlists, and a like solid minutes sometimes to shut down.

Every other program runs very smoothly. the only one that's not running great is rekordbox.

My old laptop (MacBook Pro 2013) was running Rekordbox 6 faster than my new M1 which has much more space, RAM... And im using the same folders and playlists.

Has anybody else had the same experience, and if so, how did you resolve it?

Marc Bassili

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